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Pietro Lusvardi, born in Lugano Switzerland, studied music at the Conservatorio of Guiseppe Milano and earned his degree in 1997 with special emphasis in the contrabass. Since then, his Contrabass has carried him around the globe and led to performances with numerous orchestras, including the Romanian Philharmonic Oltenia of Craiova, the Cluy Napoca Orchestra and various prestigious orchestras throughout Italy and Great Britian.

In conjunction with Maximilian Brooks, Lusvardi founded the award winning contemporary jazz ensemble Gatto Marte in 1994. After winning the national competition at the European Love Festival Arezzo Wave in July 2000, the group produced their most recent album entitled Pieroino (Mingus Live) , the third of their fruitful collaborations. Lusvardi can also be heard on Gatto Marte's Danae and Gioco del Mago, and has recorded a compilation of solo performances entitled Progetto Contrabasso.

Presently, Lusvardi can be heard throughout the San Francisco and Monterey Bay areas playing music for solo bass from his repertoire and with symphonies, including The Monterey Symphony, Santa Cruz Symphony, Bay Shore Opera and Monterey Emsemble.


Danae - with Gatto Marte Ensemble (1997)

Gioco Del Mago - with Gatto Marte Ensemble (1999)

Pieroino - with Gatto Marte Ensemble (2001)

Progetto Contrabbasso (2000)

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Alice In Wonderland.mp3 - 2m
Bassmilonga.mp3 - 4.4m
Someday My Prince Will Come.mp3 - 3.3m
Tarantella del gatto.mp3 - 2.2m

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